Bible Reading: Day 24

Today scripture reading combines Saturday and Sunday. Saturday: Exodus 7–8Matthew 15:1–20 Sunday: Exodus 9–11Matthew 15:21–39 The chapters for Exodus covers the plagues God sent to Pharaoh, who is the epitome of stubbornness. I feel that we all have been stubborn at moments. We ask for forgiveness and still don't want to give up the very... Continue Reading →

B.I.A.M Day 2

Ah....creating the ten key scenes that will make up most of my outline.  This is what I have for Lust: Scene 1: Setup, the goal is to introduce the characters in pairs.  This shows us their relationship to each other.  The other goal is to introduce the mood, genre elements, and the case.  They are... Continue Reading →

B.I.A.M Day 1

Okay, so I'm restarting the Book in a Month project.  The goal is to write at least 1,000 words per chapter.  Yes, I know I took a week off and restarting doesn't make sense, but I see changes that need to be made before writing. For "Lust"  the one sentence summary goes: Ares and his... Continue Reading →

BIAM: Day 4

BIAM: Today's focus was working on characters.  The character sheets I wrote up correspond with the BIAM character sketch and most of the character snapshot.  I just have to work on revealing scenes. -Writing: I didn't write anything today (yesterday) -Art: No practicing today either, but I did do some reading on artistic techniques. I... Continue Reading →

Book in a Month Day 3

A day late, but here we go.... New format for my blog BIAM: Day 3 is outlining the novel using the 10 key scenes.  I was pleased that my novel already hit most of blocks on the worksheet.  I was also able to transfer my personal outline on my computer onto the worksheets. In addition,... Continue Reading →

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