B.I.A.M Day 2

Ah….creating the ten key scenes that will make up most of my outline.  This is what I have for Lust:

Scene 1: Setup, the goal is to introduce the characters in pairs.  This shows us their relationship to each other.  The other goal is to introduce the mood, genre elements, and the case.  They are 9 main characters: Ares, David Bostick & Crystal Carroll, Aakash Desai & Jonathan Pereira, Rita Torres & Shantel Williams, and the last pair Kevin & Lauren.

Scene 2: Inciting incident, this is the event that drives the story forward.  I don’t want to reveal too much, but let’s just say this is when Ares meets the rest of the cast.

Scene 3: Prep for Adventure, the main characters are introduce to the fantasy elements

Scene 4: Plot Point 1, with all the information, the investigation begins.

Scene 5: Fun & Games, the investigation comes with obsticles

Scene 6: Reversal, the middle of the story, from this point  everything starts to go wrong

Scene 7: Dark Moment, the main characters are at their lowest point

Scene 8: Plot Point 2, the main characters must decide to fight or flee

Scene 9: Climax, the final confronatation

Scene 10: Resolution, tying up loose ends and setting up for the next book

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