B.I.A.M Day 1

bookcover_lustOkay, so I’m restarting the Book in a Month project.  The goal is to write at least 1,000 words per chapter.  Yes, I know I took a week off and restarting doesn’t make sense, but I see changes that need to be made before writing.

For “Lust”  the one sentence summary goes:

Ares and his new team must find a serial killer named The Captured Family Rapist.

The setting will take place in a fictional Willingboro, NJ.  In this world some individuals have psychic abilities that are similar to magic and powered by their vices.

The basic plot is that Ares and his group belong to an organization that polices supernatural activity.  This is a ghost story and can be described as Ghostbusters meet CSI.

The characters are once again, based on my college friends, and they will continue to have names from friends from my high and middle school years.  There are 9 main characters.  I’m still deciding if I’m sticking with first person point of view or switch to third person limited.




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