Day 2…

I know this is two days late as of today, but in the interest of keeping things tidy, here I go.  Day 2 of the book in a month system had me work on writing out 10 key scenes.  For me, this was just going back and polishing up on the scenes and breaking them into chapters and following the 3 act structure.

I have my setup, inciting incident, preparing for adventure, plot point 1 for act one.  Then there is the temporary triumph, reversal, dark moment, and plot point 2 for act two.  Finally the climax and resolution for act three.

I’m extending the book from 27 chapters to 36.  A move intended to help introduce the characters more slowly before the action starts.  I want the reader to have a connection with the characters, instead of meeting them all at once.  This required me to split up chapter 1 into two parts, both narrated by Ares.  In between those two parts/chapters will be the individual character introduction chapters.  Today was David Bostick’s, who I renamed because I wanted to change Stacy’s name to Shantel Williams.  I didn’t want the reader thinking Theo Williams and Shantel Williams were siblings considering that the latter is the former’s love interest.  My friends, the real Theo  Williams and Stacy Johnson I hope you understand.

I really like how I was able to get two of his main traits to be broadcasted and introduced his supporting cast.  The chapter sets up chapter 3 pretty well and fits into the main story.

For my art practice, I drew Crystal in a pose that would fit her using her powers.  This came out sleeker than the David Bostick piece I did yesterday (which look more comic bookish/squared like.  Crystal came out better once I inked her, but I have to work a little larger, so I can get the eyes right.  Digitally coloring her took no time at all, which makes me realize that I need to start taking my coloring class with K. Michael Russell.

There is just not enough time in the day, but I’m getting there.  Practice, practice, practice.



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