Chapter One Revision of Lust is Done

Alright, so I believe I finally worked out the concepts, characters, and plot.  Today, I started editing and revising chapter one of Lust.  Took about an hour and 15 minutes to fix grammar (as much as I could) and formatting issues.  I cut out the first four paragraphs, but I believe it’s more interesting and works better now.  I added more dialogue and try to “show” more than “tell.”  I was really entertained and focused with the chapter, so hopefully that translate to the readers.

This is going to be a dark series and isn’t going to be as inspirational or along the Christian Fiction elements I was going for.  However, there is still an influence from the Christian motifs and maybe this could be the start of dark Christian fiction, if such a thing is possible.

I’m going to shoot for editing and revising chapter 2, which is actually a new chapter to introduce Theo Williams, before he meets up with Robert Walder.  I broke Chapter one into  two separate chapters.  The second part is now chapter 10, the original chapter 2 ins now chapter 11.

That’s all for now.  I have to go take a drawing break.

Until next time,

Terrio Jenkinswhisper_tjp flats

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