Creative Changes

Well, I had my first chapter of Lust critique by a fellow DeviantArt member.  At first, like with most artist, I had a slight defense.  He did offer great insight though.  Although I already had three chapters edited by a professional, there were some things I didn’t agree with, which were pointed out by the critic.  I’m not mad or upset with my editor, again, you get what you pay for, but at the same time, he did made changes that made sense.

That being said, while still planning the rewrite, I need to look at other changes.  One being point of view which is currently first person.  My critic pointed out it sounds more like third person.  I also had a friend point this out with the rough draft about how my narrator is able to see and hear everything.  I fixed it during the fight scene, but it’s present in the dramatic scenes.  I have to figure which one works best.  Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson series in First Person and then wrote Heroes of Olympus in Third Person.

The art for the series is getting better.  My drawing style is becoming more consistent.  Similar to modern cartooning styles with a mix of manga.  My painting has improved too.  I’m excited, maybe I do have talent.  I will blog more on this on my personal blog.

The Facebook page is at 90 followers and everyone isn’t a Facebook friend of mine, so thats amazing.  I feel like I’m putting out art and information at a timely rate.  I’m not sure if I’m going to hit the June 2016 deadline to have a book release.  I’m waiting on David Lillie, creator of the popular webcomic and graphic novel series, DreamKeepers, to send me his notes.  This will be the first time I had a professional read the entire prose.

If all goes according to plan, March should be the deadline as far as final prose and art is concerned.  Speaking of prose, I’m changing the characters codenames again.

While all of this is exciting, I’m also building on my graphic design career. Which is why I’m spending late nights learning how to digitally paint and practice drawing.  I’m getting used to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as a Print Designer.  Now, the goal is to learn Front-End Design and start learning how to create my own webpages.  I used to do so with my limited HTML knowledge, but I want to learn web design on a professional level.   In other words, look for a website for Favor of Ares soon.

Well, thats all for now, hope you WordPress fans like the art and I apologize to my Twitter/Facebook followers for “reposting” this pictures.

Until next time!

Terrio Jenkins

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