2016: It begins

Hey everyone,

Yeah, I know, I’m not very consistent as a blogger, but I don’t think you want to read about how I spent my day figuring out how powers work.  2015 is almost over and even though Lust never made it to print, there are still big accomplishments.  I know this type of post should be saved for next month with the new year approaching, but I believe right now, I’m in a good spot.  Here’s what I have plan going into to December.


The first book of the series, Lust, will keep it’s name.  I will be going through a major rewrite of the book.  The book is going to be cater to an older audience and will still have religious overtones, but I would not consider it Christian Fiction by any means.   The rewrite is going to expand     to include another character, which will most likely make the book 33 chapters instead of 30.  In addition the setting and tone has change in regards to certain species and how powers work.

Lust was submitted to Vivid Publishing, which belongs to David Lillie, who created the webcomic, Dreamkeepers.  He is going to be reading it over to offer suggestions.  My hopes is that he decides to back the project.  Regardless of the outcome.  I will be pressing to get the book officially edited.  The cost for the editing will be $330.00.  I’m also working on redesigning  the cover of the picture book version and drawing scenes for the interior.  The cover for the novel version will be undergoing a new look as well.  Right now Lust will be the primary focus ahead of my other projects.  My schedule for this will be Monday through Friday from 8-10.

Gluttony:  I will be revising Gluttony, when I have free time.  This revision will be more complicated, because it was written before Lust  (which originally going to be a prequel.)  I will work on this on Saturdays.

Greed: The third book in the series is still being plotted.  The goal, right now is to tie Lust and Gluttony with it, and set up things for Book 4, Sloth.

Formats: This series will be released as a traditional novel and a light novel.  The traditional novel will be sold under Fantasy/SciFi section.  The picture book version will be similar to a Japanese light novel (ranobe) and would be available in the Manga section.   I’m going to start looking for artist for both the manga and graphic novel.  Nope, I will not be doing the art for either of these projects, nor am I adapting it myself.  At least for now.  I’m going to try to do the coloring and lettering, but even that seems to be too much for me.

Art:  I stated earlier I’m redesigning the covers for the picture book versions to make them more dynamic in action and to appear as a Japanese light novel.  Viewers who have seen my art, have commented they see the manga characteristics.  I’m starting to see improvements in my style.  I’m also going to try to update the Tumblr, Facebook, and my own DeviantArt accounts with a character from the series.

Design: Now, that I’m almost done with my Intro to Graphic Design class, I will be coloring and lettering both formats.

Release dates: Nothing official, but again I’m shooting for Summer, just in time for AnimeNext 2016 for Lust.



Novels: Genesis is still in hiatus as of chapter 5.  Mostly because I was still trying to figure out the direction of the book from a setting point of view.  I’ve decided to go with the fallen angels direction and will use religious themes and make it Christian Fiction.  The target audience will be older teens to adult, instead of children, which was my original intent.    The concepts are pretty solid and I will resume writing/drawing this on every other day in the mornings from 7:30 to 8:00.  The release for this will be around 2017 depending how Favor of Ares goes.

Character Design: Beginning tomorrow I will start character designing the main characters and the antagonist.

Format: Originally conceived as a novel, I’m thinking of writing this as a comic book and maybe doing the art, all of it the pencils, colors, lettering. I will outsource the inking.



Tishan Harris and I are still working on the first book, Legends of Naupendo.      We are almost done with chapter 2, but with our schedules, we don’t get to work on it much.  I can tell you though, that Tishan is very talented and I’m glad to have her on the team.  This book also marks my first time writing historical fiction, so even if it takes a year or so, I want to see it get published.  The next order of business is to review the character designs from an artist.  I will work on this with her on Tuesdays when time permits.

Format: Novel



Yes, I know, why am I developing another series when the other three are in various stages.  This series is going to be my children series and like True Victory, will be Christian based.  The goal is to help retell bible stories in modern times.   I plan on working on the series on Saturdays for an hour or two.

Format: not decided yet


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