Changes (Newsletter 4)

First, to my WordPress followers, I’m sorry, I’ve been dealing with college, work, life in general.  To my Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter followers, same deal.

I have been wrestling with several factors about the Favor of Ares series.

With both volume 1 and 2 written, I’m not sure if the titles, Lust and Gluttony respectively fit.  Gluttony feels more like Lust, and Lust is well, without revealing too much, not exactly filled with Lust.

This leads to the second issue I’ve been dealing with.  Who is my target audience?  I keep switching between Christian Fiction and  Mainstream.  This means certain events and language changes.   Since I’ve decided to that the end goal is to have an anime, in Japan my target audience could be 13, but in America our 13 years olds are censored more.   Again, this effects my editing and the content of the book.

Now, I’ve been pushing for a release since last year and decided to just let the chips land where they do.   Then an old friend of mine came back into my life.  She wanted to see the book and actually brought up these two factors.  With that being said I will be working on both issues.

The bad?  Means the actual release won’t be until 2016.  The good? each revision focuses the direction of the book more and too me, it seems to get simpler, but deeper at the same time.

They’re going to be some character changes.  My college friends all volunteer to be the basis of the main cast of 12, but I’m cutting it down to 8.  Yes, this means some characters introduced in volume one will be….killed off, put on a bus, or demoted to supporting and or minor characters.  Sorry friends.  I have 6 of the 8 picked, now it’s about rounding out the cast.

So, when will I make these radical, but necessary changes?  Tomorrow night.  Like I stated earlier, I’ve been thinking about the title, audience, and cast for awhile.  I feel confident that I will make these decisions by tomorrow.

Change is good.

Until next time,

Terrio Jenkins

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