Drawing, Drawing, and Logo Designing

Well, I guess it’s time to start designing the logo for Favor of Ares.  Funny thing, as I start my graphic design “career,” this is one of the fields I’m looking into exploring.  Typography, which has interest me, but I felt that I had no talent in it.  That may be true, but I won’t know unless I try.  Breaking into the comic field as a colorist, letterer, or writer, would be ideal, so I’m excited about learning what fonts to use, for my projects, and prayfully, the projects of my clients, when I get them.

I’m also expanding my drawing skills today.  I’m an illustrator, with some skill, mostly in cartooning, but I have experience with the human figure and charcoals.  I bought a book, on how to draw portraits, which will teach me to look for the small details of others.  I believe this will make me a better artist, as well as make the main characters appear different, when I apply the cartooning/manga style.

Well, that’s it for my thought of the day.  Stay tuned.

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