Production Journal 1: Fiverr

So, as everyone knows, I’m wearing many hats, to produce my properties (Favor of Ares, Blood Matters, and True Victory) in several different forms of media. Right now I do the following:

Novel: writer, editor, production supervisor, marketing executive, agent

Light Novel/Ranobe: writer, artist, production supervisor, letterer, marketing executive, agent

I would like to see each series as a comic book, manga, and an anime.  In which, right now, I do the following.

Producer, Art Director, Character Designer, Editor, Graphic Designer.  I love doing what I do, but I realized now, I need to really start getting more help.  I already paid an editor, who edited the first three chapters of Lust, and a graphic designer to produce the cover of novel.  However, as an artist, I don’t have the patience, to do the sequential art for the comic or manga, so I will be flexing my editorial muscles, to find a comic book writer, penciler, inker, colorist (I might do this myself, lol, just can’t get enough work), and letterer(again might do it myself).  For the manga, which is a little harder to find, since most managka’s do their own work, is finding a mangaka, who is willing to do the work.  This means also finding a translator, so I can have the light novel and manga printed in Japan.

With that being said, just like with my editor, I will be using  Now, of course you get what you paid for, but my general experience with the site has been good.  Brian Kaufman, the editor I mentioned earlier, has done some great work for me.  The same with my graphic designer.  Here’s hoping that I find a comic book writer and a mangaka, along with a comic book penciler and inker.  Wish me luck!

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