Newsletter 3: Deadlines

Hey everybody!

Alright, so with school officially over until September, and all this time on my hands, I’m doing some major revision to Lust.  I’m increasing production, because at the end of the month, I want to send the book to Vivid Publishing and Yen Press.  Vivid is home to the web comic and graphic novel series, Dreamkeepers.  One of my favorite independent comic book series, in which the creator is wearing many hats.  David Lillie, the creator, and his wife, Liz, own Vivid, and are always taking submissions.  Yen Press, is a company that publish English translations of manga (Japanese comics) and light novels.  Obviously, I would like for them to accept my light novel.  Plus, they are a part of Hatchett Book Group, a publishing company who publishes novels such as Maximum Ride by James Patterson, through their imprint Little, Brown, and Company.  I’m speaking this into existence.  So, here’s a breakdown of what is going on.


FAVOR OF ARES: Fantasy/Thriller Fiction.  A series about psychic detectives.

LUST: still editing and revising the second draft.  Production is going to increase to 3-4 chapters a day.  The art for the light novel is going well, I’m improving, picking up qualities from Atsushi Okubo (SoulEater) and Alex Ahad (Skullgirls) and improving in photoshop coloring and inking.    It takes about an hour to edit, so working an 8 hour day, I figure I should crank out, at least 4 chapters.  A week for editing, as for revising, most the changes that are happening are deletions of certain concepts, which I feel is holding me back.  Today, Aug 10, I will be reading the book to prep for both, the revision and editing. Everyday, I want to to do a drawing, of the main characters and sketching possible scenes for the light novels.  I’m also running out today to pick up transfer sheets to make tee shirts, with Trauma/Rita Torres.

GLUTTONY: I’m still revising the 1st (rough) draft.  No editing, just revising.  I’m doing this through the outline, to reorganize the scenes to fit the pattern I have going on in Lust.  Changing the antagonist and supporting characters.

GREED:  Drafting an outline, prewriting, and plotting.  Deadline Aug 30.

TRUE VICTORY: Fantasy/Thriller Christian Fiction, a series that follows a group of modern day nephilims.

GENESIS: production for writing has stopped at Chapter 5.  I will still be producing art for the series.

BLOOD MATTERS: Fantasy/Horror/Thriller, a series about a family of monsters.

PILGRIMS & SAVAGES: still working on plotting and characters.  No development deadline.

That’s all for now, until next time.

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