Newsletter #2

Well, I have some good news.  The official page of Favor of Ares will now be,  This WordPress site, will still be the official blog page, hence, this newsletter, but it’s so much easier to manage the art and story uploads, with Deviantart.  In addition, more artist are on DeviantArt, and I just happen to be more active, especially of late, their.

My personal DeviantArt page is linked to the Favor of Ares DeviantArt page.

I just put up some concept art of Sage aka Sherif Khalifa, who is mentioned in Lust, but won’t make an appearance until Gluttony.

There hasn’t been any headway with editing, animating, or any other project.  I’m taking a break, to work on my drawing style, learn some graphic design, and read up on writing mystery novels.

The Favor of Ares Facebook page, is starting to get some activity and I’m getting watchers on DeviantArt, so hopefully, marketing will pick up again, once I pay for advertising.  It seems, most my friends and family, are really interested in the story, hopefully, we can get the rest of the world to like it as well.

I want to thank my followers on WordPress as well, your numbers also contribute to the Facebook activity.

GOOD NEWS: the second draft of chapter 1 for LUST is up on  Go check it out!!!!!

Well, I’m still on vacation, and by vacation, I mean working Extended School Year, lol.  I’m finally back at home, so once I get my other schedule down, production will resume around 10th.

Thank you all, again, and I’ll see you next time.

Red with Poli and Saur from Pokemon Adventures.
Red with Poli and Saur from Pokemon Adventures.

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