Greek Mythology, Tarot, Chess, and Metals

Crazy title, huh?  So, I’m suppose to be editing Book 1: Lust, which means fixing grammar, clarity of the plot, etc.   Revising Book 2: Gluttony, which is going through a major rehaul because of Book 1.  Yes, I actually wrote Book 2, first, before Book 1, which was going to be a prequel.  However, as I work on the background and setting, I realize I have much researching to do for the series.  I still need to study psychological disorders, but right now for each of the races, remember this is an urban fantasy, I wanted to have a specific motif.  Specifically, the automatons and ghosts, which has lead me to researching metals and chess, along with ghosts and tarot.

I’m actually pleased with what I came up with.  Changing some stuff around, but I think both the Tarot and Chess will make the series interesting.

Now, that I got that off my chest, back to work.


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