Keep on writing (Stacey)

Wow, it’s so much easier to write this on the computer.  For those of you wondering, my macbook decided to break on me in January.  This has slowed down my production slightly, as I now have to use my free periods and my sister’s computer to fix mistakes and type, or use my smartphone.   Yesterday, I was able to type half of Stacey’s chapter in Act II, making revisions and edits.  I also wrote her Act III chapter, which is pretty good, I feel her voice is really starting to be heard.  Today I have to finish typing her Act II and start typing Act III.  Meanwhile, I feel that all my plot holes, as far as my antagonist goes, are filled.  Everyone has a chapter that moves the story along and contains subplots for each.  I also think I will start thumb-nailing the scenes for the book today.  I’m thinking maybe around 6-8 illustrations for the book, in black and white, should be good enough.

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