Day 1

the plan for today: time is just a tool to keep me focused.

Post excerpt of chapter one. Revised chapter 2 after completing story outline.

Marketing: create a web page and join two or more groups. Create media kit.

Write character profiles for Kevin, Stacey, and Elisa. (30 mins)

Extend chapters to include supporting and minor characters. (Outline, 30 mins)

Work on the antagonist goals and the backstory. (Backstory worksheet, 15 mins)

Research anime calendars for ideas for January. (Sketchbook, 15 mins)

Practice cartooning from Modern Cartooning chapter 5. (Cartooning sketchbook, 30 mins)

Read chapters 1-2 Sword Art online light novel.  Chapter 1 of the Fairy Tail manga. (30 mins)

Draft a script for chapter 1 of lust for comic book and manga adaptations. (30 mins)


Try to add scenes for characters to have equal voice on the story outline.(30 mins)

Work on the new major antagonist (could be part of new chapters).

-how does this affect the story and what needs to be changed.

Sketch concept of the antagonist; researching dogs, character types, Greek myths.


Complete  story outline and type

Type backstory

New characters?

Research King Arthur

#author #cartoonist 

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