So on Friday I started my goals of getting back to working out and reading the Bible. 2013 I was on it, but I let my faith take a dive to events out of my control, 2014 I was trying, but was too self reliant and lazy. I did pick up boxing and learned that Art is my main interest than Language Arts.

I used to use Daily Workouts an app that really helped in toning my body and increasing my chest. I loved the comments I received on Instagram, Facebook, and by women at the beach or conventions.

This year I’m using Full Body Workout Bundle app from Software X. In six weeks I’m suppose to be able to do do 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 200 squats, and 20 chin ups. The program is set to be done 3 times a week preferably Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I’m doing it everyday because I know I should be on level 2 or 3, but I want to see if the app really help those who aren’t in shape, plus since I haven’t been as active it should help me ease into my main workout.

I wish I could share the results here on WordPress, but the apps only share to Facebook and Twitter so you can go to my Twitter page @terrioajenkins.

This is morning workout and my afternoon workout will continue to be usiing Daily Workouts. I’m going to run on Saturdays again, but need to find a gym.

The Bible app has a plan for reading the Bible in a year. I’ll be sharing that on Twitter as well. In fact I forgot; this post will be on Twitter as well.

I have flash cards to study for my Art praxis. I’m going to become more knowledgeable about Art and become an art teacher and keep reading my study book to become an English teacher.

The writing hasn’t been going. I’m just in a rut. Here is where I stand:

Favor of Ares: action, fantasy, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, young adult (14 & up)

Book 1: Lust; I started to work on the third draft and still working on character designs. I need to pick particular scenes to draw from the book for the light novel.

Book 2: Gluttony; the first draft is finished and so is the comic book adaptation. Both of them need to be edited and revised. Concept art need to include characters introduced. Gluttony was written before Lust(which was meant to be a prequel), so I have to make sure the characters and concepts in Lust are reflected in Gluttony. Added a new villian, subplot, and characters,

Book 3; Greed: I wrote the first chapter….somewhere and possibly chapter two. I guess I should find them, huh? Still need to work on the plot which revolves around Excalibur and King Arthur. This is where my series should be “growing a beard.” Look it up on Tv Tropes for definition. I know the main villain and his motivation.

True Victory: action, fantasy, Christian fiction, drama, thriller.

Book 1; Genesis: working on chapter 5. I believe I have the concepts define with angels and fallen angels. The plot could use some retooling now that the series plot is better define. Still designing the characters.

Blood Matters: action, fantasy, horror fiction, drama, thriller.

The concepts are coming together, but I’m not totally happy with them. Character design is still in progress. The plot for the first book is still in progress. I’m thinking of giving it a Wizard of Oz plot dedicated to someone who was and still is special to me despite what we went through. I want to sort of base the design on the Boondocks.

Each book uses diversity amongst its cast, however True Victory and Blood Matters are mainly African-American for the main cast.

Well that’s it’s for today

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